Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette: My One True Love!

I have had the hardest time finding a great concealer palette. The hunt has been on since I started middle school and started getting dark circles under my eyes! Unfortunately, the dozens that I have tried have all disappointed massively until I found Hard Candy's palette.

The Hard Candy Palette has six colors: a green, cream and pinkish color to offset different tones (i.e. the green for red tones such as zits) and then three nude shades to match your skin color. It also comes with a small concealer brush which is completely useless. I don't know why I haven't cut it off yet!

This is a swatch of pink, cream and green. They kind of blend in really well so they're hard to see...

These are the flesh tones- Once again they blend in really well so it's kind of hard to see them.

I really love this palette. It has helped with all of my cover-up needs and I find it comparable to Makeup Forever's concealer palette, only much cheaper at $8.00. The one downside I have found is that instead of being a more clay-like consistency like Makeup Forever, it is a bit more on the oily side. Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite, most used products.

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