Friday, July 20, 2012

My Favorite Brushes- MAC 130

So I've been super busy lately trying to pack our house up and sell the rest, but I am working on getting back to posting more :)

During my Chicago trip a few months ago, I picked up a new brush at the MAC store- the 130 short duo-fiber brush:

My normal daily brush for powder and foundation is the MAC 187- This is basically just a shorter denser version of the 187 and I have to say it is AMAZING!

I've found that it is perfect for thick foundations and concealers and gives a good heavy coverage.

The 130 is pretty pricey at $42, but I LOVE it and couldn't live without it!

If you don't want to shell out $42, Sephora Professionals makes a really good substitute- the 45 mineral powder brush.

I've found that it  is too dense to use with mineral powder- it just puts it on way too cakey, but it is perfect for thick foundations and concealers.

This one you can get for $26 from Sephora.