Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Black Friday Haul!

I had a great Black Friday this year!

Sephora had a deal going on where they would send you a free bag stuffed with samples and these were all of the samples I got!

I can't believe they had good sized samples of things like Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and Smashbox Halo foundation! And that they all came in the adorable Hello Kitty bag!

I got the PMD personal microdermabrator off of Groupon for $89- It's normally over $200! The rest I got from Sephora and Ulta- Sephora's website was crashing all morning so it took forever!

I waited an hour and a half outside of the Coach Outlet at 9:00 on Thanksgiving to get a good deal and got the bag and wallet for $150!

And Ralph Lauren was basically next door with everything 1/2 off so I had to get one of their polos!

I am definitely pleased with everything I got this year (I got other stuff too, but these were my most exciting purchases!) and can't wait to review it all!


  1. wow great stuff! the hello kitty bag looks so cute!

  2. awesome!!! I love everything you got!

  3. lovely items you picked up ;-)

  4. Great haul! So many goodies from Sephora!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. that coach bag is great!

  6. bag and wallet for 150??!!! OMG!!! thats an amazing deal!!

  7. WHOA. Nice haul girl, you did me proud!!!

  8. I am super jealous of you! I wish we had Sephora and black friday over here in the UK! I'm in love with that Hello Kitty make up bag! I can't believe how generous the samples are! Over here, some counters won't even give you a sample of foundation to try at home!

    Looking forward to reading more from you! Im a follower! xx

  9. You got some great things girl!!! I love the samples that Sephora gives their customers. :D