Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eco Emi Box Review

I've been gone for the past week up north, snowmobiling and doing other fun snow stuff, but I will be getting back to posting regularly now....

My December Eco Emi box actually came the day before Christmas Eve, so it was kind of like an early Christmas present!

This box had SOOOO much in it too!

*Patterned Footies by Maggie's Functional Organics, $6.00

*Vitamin C with zinc chews by Genesis Today, 30 chews $11.99
   These taste like little candies and are sooooo good! There is 200% of the daily value for vitamin C in each one however so I will probably only have one or two a week as that is a lot more than you really need.

*Whispering Pine Candle by Wyk Candles, 4 oz $8.99
  This was a nice candle and had a bit of a spicy smell. It was really small though and you can't burn it for very long because the melted wax puts the flame out pretty quickly.

*Tangerine lip balm by Zambeezi, $2.95 per tube
  I love getting lip balm in these boxes as I go through them extremely quickly! I especially LOVE this one though! It feels really nice on my lips and has a great citrus scent.

*Botanical Lip Gloss by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, 2 mL tube $8.00
 This is a pretty fall-ish shade. The one thing that I don't like though is the type of tube that it comes in.

*Organic Raw Cacao Bliss by Artisana, $12.98 8 oz
  I'm not a huge fan of this. It has kind of a crumbly texture and is just kind of like a paste that you eat.

*Greenshield Organic Free and Clear Laundry Detergent by Greenology Products, $13.76 for 64 loads

*Organic Candy Canes by The Natural Candy Store, 1/2 lb $5.99

*Jojoba and Ginseng exfoliating face cleanser and Blood Orange and Vanilla body wash by John Masters Organics, $28 for 4 oz (cleanser) and $18 for 8 oz (body wash)


  1. nice items, lovely candle

  2. I love getting my Eco Emi box every month!!
    I am sad they are taking a break from lip balms being that I use mine up so fast!

  3. I am thinking of getting the Eco Emi. It looks really awesome. thanks for sharing

  4. SO MUCH TO COMMENT lol I will forget half of it before I start I'm sure ;)
    Snowmobiling is awesome! I am so envious you get to do that!!! I haven't for years and sadly do not have one or a friend with one so tough luck for now.
    I LOVE the Eco emi box!! I want it in Canada soooo bad!!Everything looks wonderful, I would be super happy to test all those out...enjoy it!

  5. Great items, I love the footies!

    Hope you had a great holiday ;)

    Check out my blog on a review of Sharp Hill Designs!

  6. I want this box! Good stuff! Fun snowmobiling! thanks for posting this!!