Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My first Influenster Voxbox!

I was excited to receive my first Influenster Voxbox last week! This is what it contained:

Voxbox is kind of like the other monthly box programs, giving you a card with everything that's in the box and an explanation of each product, but it's free and they just want you to try out the products and give feedback on them. You can check out their program here if you want more details on it.

 Softsoap Cocunut Scrub Bar Soap- I put this in the shower to use and my husband actually beat me to the punch! It's a nice soap and smells great- I typically use shower gel so bar soap is a little different for me!

 Larabar- These are little bars made with only 2-9 natural ingredients. I absolutely LOVED mine! It was cookie dough flavored and I am a bit of a cookie dough junkie, so it was perfect for me and I am planning on getting some more!

Montagne Jeunesse face mask- I have not had a chance to try out the mask yet, but will review it when I do.

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum- I really like these! Being wintertime, they are great for opening the nasal passages and giving me fresh breath!

imPress Press on Manicure by Broadway Nails- I haven't tried these out yet either...

X Out Wash-in Treatment- This is a facial cleanser that is made by the makers of Proactiv that is supposed to be a one-step acne fighting system. So far I really like this. It has exfoliating crystals in it and can be used as a face wash or left on the face for 10 minutes as a spot treatment.

Overall, I was really excited for my first box and like most of the products. The one thing that I wasn't excited about was the nails as I don't typically like press-ons, but maybe I'll find a time for them later on...

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  1. oh how cool, let us know how you like those impress nails

  2. This is soo cool! Love lil gifts like this!


  3. wooowww congratulation!!! nice gift, Iìm happy for you!! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other? (also on facebook!)
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  4. this sounds like a great programs. heard about it a couple weeks ago and signed up :)

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  5. How fun is this!!! Love those peel off masks!


  6. this all looks like great stuff! the impress looks fun!


  7. Sooo jealous! You got the chocolate chip cookie dough and cucumber mask! HAHAHAHA Girl, let me know how you like those. I'll be doing a review on the mask tomorrow. :)

  8. Thanks a lot for your comment!I'm following you now!


  9. So many nice things. I love the mask

  10. That's awesome. I'll definitely check them out. You blog is amazing.

    I'm following you, dear. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)

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  11. So cooool :)
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  12. omg theres so many of these boxe now! you got some nice stuff :)

  13. i love the items that you got, congrats :0

    P.S. I just tagged you in my 11 questions tag, feel free to check it out at http://whenthreeisacrowd.blogspot.com/2011/12/11-questions-tag.html

  14. I have been looking for the impress at Walgreens. Great items!