Sunday, December 11, 2011

October Eco-Emi Box

Eco-Emi will occasionally allow people on their waiting list to buy unsold boxes that they have each month, so last month while I was waiting for my first box, I bought one of the October boxes that they had left over. Unfortunately it still got here after my November box.

This is what came in the box:

Candle in Rejuvenation by Big Dipper Wax Works- 2 oz. $5.00, 6 oz. $9.50
This is supposed to smell like sweet orange and clove and did have a spicy scent to it, but it was very faint and I almost burnt my nose trying to find the scent! So I would not buy this in the future as I like my candles to have a stronger scent.

Organic Vegan Lip Balm by Crazy Rumors- .15 oz $3.49
This lip balm is SUPER soothing on my lips and I LOVE it! I am not a huge fan of the flavor which is Orange Bergamot, but maybe I'm just overly picky because my husband loves it! I would definitely buy this after I run out of the one they sent me- maybe in a different flavor!

Vegan Organic Mulling Spice by Simply Organic- 1.2 oz $2.19
I gave this to my sister as I don't like this type of thing and she was not overly impressed with it.

Gin Gin's Boost Ginger Candy by The Ginger People- 6 pack 3 oz bags $16.99
I gave these to my sister too (I am super picky with food!) and she said that they were REALLY gingery, so if you are a fan of ginger you would probably like these!

Herbal Soap in Almond Spice by Herbaria- 4.5oz $5.95
This soap has kind of a spicy scent to it. I use a special body wash, so i put it in a little net baggy type thing and use it as a sachet in one of my drawers!

Vegan Organic Bars by Rise Foods in Blueberry Coconut- 12 bars (1 case) $22.68
I really liked this! It didn't have a strong flavor to it, but I loved how you could taste the coconut in it. It is somewhat small, so $22.68 is pretty pricey for it, but I would definitely think about buying a case.

Organic Fair Trade Oolong Tea in Peach Blossom by Zhenas Gypsy Tea- 15 bags $10.95
This was supposed to be a blend of like a green tea flavor and black tea and it was in a pretty little sachet-like bag. I regularly drink raspberry leaf tea and nettle tea, but I thought this tea was TERRIBLE! I couldn't even down the entire cup it was so bad! I would absolutely not buy this tea. Also, I get my organic tea for much cheaper (like $5.00)!

Neuma Hair Care Line- Prices vary, $15-$25
I got several samples of Renew Shampoo and Conditioner, Blow Dry Lotion, Style Texturizer and Soothing Creme. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet; but will update when I do.

I love that you always get so much to try out in their boxes compared to the Birchboxes and most of it is still decently sized! I feel like that gives you more of a chance to find something that you love!


  1. you have some yummy stuff there ;-)

  2. This kind of gift box is cool! Especially the one where they supply only cosmetics! Too bad I dont have this in my country :(
    Thank you for dropping by my blog! :) Followed you :)

  3. oooh, i love these things. definitely a must for the beauty addict.

    thanks for stopping by. xo

  4. i agree with you, there are a lot of samples indeed. and the items are also varied, not just beauty products etc. i wonder how ginger would taste as a candy? prolly yucky. haha

  5. There was LOTS of stuff in that box to try! :) Sooo glad you didn't burn your nose on that candle girl.