Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I feel so old!

It's been a super busy past few weeks- Last week my little sister graduated high school! That definitely makes me feel pretty old! It feels like yesterday she was just a little stick thing in elementary school and now she's going to college and I found out she has her own blog too!

I recently got a hat in the mail to review from a company called Dorfman Pacific.

While I think that it is a nice beachy hat, I just dyed my hair SUPER fire cherry red (pictures coming soon!) and thought that it would massively clash with my hair so I gave it to my sister to try out.

                                                  Here she is making her little sour face!

Anyway, you can find this hat here for $30 and until June 30th using the promo code SunHatSave20 will get you 20% off your order!

Also, I will be ending my giveaway at the end of the week so be sure to enter if you haven't!


  1. I happen to think that hat is adorable, along with the person wearing it (still not sure about the hair). :D

  2. Ha - you are only as old as you feel :) Cute hat - love that color!


  3. It's a beautiful color!