Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Sugar Scrub

What can you make with granulated white sugar and Dawn dish soap with Olay Hand Renewal???

                                                    The simplest sugar hand scrub ever!

                                       Step 1:
                                       Fill your container about 3/4 full with sugar.

                                       Step 2:
                                       Fill it the rest of the way with Dawn/ Olay Hand Renewal.

                                       Step 3:
                                       Stir together until it has a thick, icing -like consistency.
                                            (Make sure that the sugar isn't fully dissolved)

 I know this isn't the greenest recipe (I'm working on making some of those!), but it is super simple and works so well!

                              I made this for Mother's Day for my mom as she has super dry cracked hands!

Update: She has been using this scrub for over a month now and said that her hands are no longer cracking  and that they are much more moisturized now!



  1. i will definitely have to try this! thanks girl :D