Thursday, May 10, 2012

FOTD/ My first pincurls attempt!

After prowling about on Youtube for quite a while, I decided to give pincurls a try. I am really lazy with my hair for some reason and it doesn't like heated curls too much so I thought that pincurls might be the thing for me!

This is how my first attempt turned out:

The whole process took maybe 10 minutes the night before, so I definitely think I will be trying it out more in the future!

Since pincurls are so absolutely 50's, I decided to match my makeup to that whole look too. (This picture was taken after my 8 hour shift at work so it's definitely not as good as it started out!)

I usually have a hard time wearing red lipsticks, but I recently found this shade called Healthy Lips by Laura Gellar and LOVE it!


  1. I think it looks beautiful! I love curls-- they totally polish a look up!

  2. love the color and curls

  3. Looks so lovely!

    The Urban Umbrella

  4. So cute! And I hear ya on the lipstick - I feel like I look like a clown :)


  5. I tagged you in the Get To Know Me Tag!

  6. I love the 50s! Do you know that you look like Amy Pond from Doctor Who in that picture? Very cute.

  7. you did a great job! that red looks fierce on you!