Friday, November 25, 2011

Sephora Rouge in The Red

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything and I haven't meant to be away for so long, but it's been a trying week! I've just been so bogged down by school and work and just felt depressed in general that it has been hard to get anything done. But now I'm back after doing some retail therapy last nite/ this morning!

Awhile back, I got the Sephora Favorites Bestseller's and it had Sephora Rouge in The Red in it.

I didn't intend on doing a review on it, but I was so impressed when I wore it out the other night that I had to! (I don't know why it looks pinkish in this pic, but it's actually an orange-ish red!)

This is how the color looks on the lips:

I was concerned all night that it was going to fade off, but this is how it looks after a night out eating and drinking, 9 hours of sleep, breakfast and chasing 2 dogs down a 4 block area! (Don't mind my crazy makeup-less face!)

I got home late and was too tired to wash off my face and this is how it looked the next morning! Lipsticks never last very long on my lips even with primers, so needless to say I was super impressed with the staying power of this one! Plus it went on creamy and wasn't too drying on my lips like a lot of lipsticks are.


  1. lovely lipstick shade, wow can't believe it lasted that long ;-)

  2. Hey Girl! Don't feel bad, we all get like that. Me included. Glad you're feeling better. ((HUG)) That lipstick looks amazing on you. I love the color. I have a couple of Sephora lipsticks and LOVE THEM. They're better than some name brands. Glad you showcased it. Have a great evening.

  3. the same thing happens to me with my mac girl about town!

  4. Pretty colour! :) Such a nice shade, may just have to pick one up myself :P
    Happy Holidays!
    Bella xo

  5. That color looks fantastic on you!

  6. Such a pretty shade of red!! It suits you so well, you looked very chic with it on, and the gave you a gorgeous stain, what a pity I don't have sephora here around... x x Thais

  7. This lipstick shade is so pretty and it looks great on you!:) and its amazing how long it last.

  8. I love that red lipstick on you! You look fantastic! I love long lasting lipsticks!