Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Cover a Tattoo

I recently started QC Makeup Academy, and one of the assignments was to cover up a blemish. As I cover up blemishes on my own face everyday, I thought something a little more challenging would be in order and asked my friend Julie to let me try and cover her tattoo.

The tattoo:

Step One

I first primed the area and used a light colored cream concealer from my Make Up For Ever palette. This takes the edge off the dark colors though you can still see the outline pretty clearly.

Step Two
On top of the cream concealer, I stippled Kat Von D's Tattoo concealer in several layers. This largely covered the tattoo, but you could still very faintly see it so I decided to use a third step.

Step Three

Lastly, I sprayed it with my Dinair airbrush machine using the special paramedical solution and tried to blend the area so that it wasn't an obvious patch of concealer.



  1. Good job, Heidi!


  2. Great work!! I wish you showed us how it looked after each step.

  3. I have been covering my tattoos for the past four years. All I did was buy costume make up that matched my skin and white powder that is used to absorb the shine from the costume make up. It's rub proof and u can't even see the make or the tattoo and u don't have to cake it on

  4. that is so cool!! i reckon those steps would be amazing for pigmentation too! x

  5. Very cleaver! :)

  6. good job on the cover up! I have used Dermablend on the models I have worked with at Xotic Eyes. I have also used the Kat Von D tattoo concealer as well, its all about layering!

  7. Wow that's brilliant, so does your friend prefer it now or does she still like to see her tattoo?


  8. Wow! That is amazing! I know many people who can use this tip! THanks for sharing!Hope all is well.

  9. That's really impressive! I have a birthmark on my neck so always wear my hair down, might try covering it using a couple of these techniques! Thanks :)