Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eco Emi January Box

I'm always excited to see my Eco-Emi box in the mailbox! Because of my recent life change, I have really been appreciating the Eco-Emi boxes! This one came a little late and with the break-in is even more belated!
                                  This month's was a wintery theme with little snowflakes inside!

                                                                     In this box, I got:
               * Tea Gschwendner in Acerola Fruit Tea as well as Murani Green Tea- $8.56 for 100 grams
 They included the bags as well so that you can make your own bags which I thought was pretty cool. I haven't tried them out yet, but am usually really picky about tea so we'll see how it goes!

                                    *Sprouted Organic Quinoa by Tru Roots- $6.47 for 6 oz. bag
          I've tried this in a few recipes and have definitely liked it. It did take a little getting used to though!

                                   *Honeydew Spearmint lotion by Deep Steep- $9.95 6 oz.
                               I didn't love the smell on this one, but it had a decent texture...

                                               *Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil- $7.69 for 8oz
                                           I LOVED this and actually ended up buying an entire jar!

          *Grapefruit Seed and Orange Peel Liquid Laundry Detergent by Biokleen- 32 loads for $6.56
              I haven't really tried any of the laundry detergent packets yet as I have made my own recently!

                                                *Lip Tint by J.R. Watkins- .09oz for $4.99
                      The color of this wasn't really for me, but I would definitely try out a different color!

                              *Endangered Species Lip Balm by Merry Hempster's- .09oz for $2.99                     This was my favorite thing in the box! The flavor is great and the texture is amazing and keeps my lips moist!

                *Organic Eyeliner in Black/Brown by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques- $12.00
I really liked this- it is smooth and works well. They have sent this brand in Eco-Emi boxes before and I have liked the products every time, so this is just a good company overall!

                                 *Organic Hand Purifier by Doctor Cleangreen- 1.5oz for $7.95
     This I am definitely not a fan of! The smell is not great and it leaves a weird feeling on the skin, kind of like an oily or greasy feeling.


  1. the baggie is adorable

  2. I love that box.... all the items I like are in it :) great blog! x Marina

  3. great box! I love quinoa, so delicious! the baggie is cute with the snowflakes on it:)


  4. That bag is cute!
    Eyeliner and lip balm... love it.

  5. great bag of goodies! love all the organic things in it. ;D


  6. They had some really great items in there! Love the organic and fair trade stuff. :D

  7. wow!!! it looks like there are a lot of goodies that I would sooooo want to use too! I haven't heard of lauren brooke, but the packaging is so temptingly sweet!

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